The New Website is Launched

The new website and logo are here.  The logo was designed with the “a dripping marker” font and a couple other techniques.  For the website we’re using a WordPress engine and the Adventure Theme which to put it in moto terms “owns”.   Thanks to the crew at S1TE Websites for hooking us up with the hosting & development of this site.

VET Only Day @ Beans Sunday May 6th!!!

The time is almost here for the all new Beans Bike Park! Next Sunday (weather permitting) the 6th it’s on! I want all the guys I grew up with to come out and ride with me! I want your input for the following weeks opening for everyone! I think you will be very pleased with the bazillion changes made.
Plus the all natural grass track will be watered and prepped for those of you who don’t like table tops, big berms, just want to work on corners, or want a break from the big track. I’ve been spreading top soil over this track for days so it will be sick!
Trust me, I’ll put my word on it the track will be perfect, unless it rains. We have a brand new Dozer, a Bobcat on tracks, tractor W/ plows,tiller,disk,box blade, rake etc., and two yes two water trucks!
I’m going on 35 so no one is permitted to ride if your under 30 years old on the 6th. Sorry you’ll have to wait one more week, then it’s open to all Saturday and Sunday. Please come up to me and give me your thoughts so any final changes can be made for this year. Thats why its Vet day so we all can have a safe fun place to ride. I can’t wait to go backwards it looks so fun. I put my heart in this track so please show up.
This track should be unreal for the beginners to the older vets like myself. If you’re gonna ride one day this year well this is your day, no excuses! Thanks, Brock and BJ