Open Practice, Fireworks, Whip Content Weekend

BBP is having its big night with fireworks, whip contest, and a one moto 10 lap pro purse! This is always been one of our biggest events and this year it’s gonna be bigger. The concession stand will be open and we are also entertaining the thought of having three one moto four lap free race practice. You can line up with you buddy’s drop the gate and play stuff it or whatever as it’s just a fun race. Let us know if this sounds good as it will be a first for this! I’ll be riding for sure and maybe BJ i get his new bike done. 50,60,80 class, big bike class, vet class. Again you better post if you think tho will be a fun add to the open riding from 7 – 12am. Also open Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. 7 th 8 th