Beans is now open for the 2017 season. All riders are welcome.  Please contact us or check the forums at for more details.

Trail Riding:

7 Days a week, call for info.

Open Practice:

Limited weekends.   Sat & Sun 11am – Dark $20

Track will be prepped and watered for all practices.

Peewee & 50 riders:

New and improved PeeWee Track for open practice days.

Please contact us at or 330-602-1246 for further information.


9 thoughts on “Schedule”

  1. hello, it’s October 18th,2014. I was interested to know if your open for practice during the winter months now. would it be possible to send me any info you can about the facilities availability throughout the year. thanks so much, danny missig

  2. Looking for safe place to ride for my eleven year old son. He has been riding for about a year now and is looking for a new challenge. Any info would be appreciated. Including total amt. to ride? Per rider, etc. Thanks!

    1. We have a mini track and trails he can ride until he’s comfortable riding the main track. The main track is fun and safe for all skill levels. If you come later in the day the traffic dies down and you can have the place to yourself. Practice is $20/rider for 2015. Thank you!

  3. There will be limited trail riding this year. We have a couple events that use the woods and want to keep the woods in pristine shape

  4. Open practice 3/12&3/13
    Bikes only 11 am till 5 pm both days . Adding mulch and sand to the dirt looking great

  5. Open practice 3/26&3/27 11 am till 5 pm bikes only. Kids track and free camping
    Need info call 330 440 2366

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